up and running

After a long time (longer than I thought), and after a lot of work putting everithing where it should be, is finally up and running.

Among other new things, it features a new design (basically a different theme with some modifications :D), an update to Drupal 6 and a multilanguage system which allows me to publish content in both spanish and english.

There are a lot of other things that have improved, as the table of contents, the voting things and some other minor things.

Almost all content from TheAlphasite are available and the few of them that aren't will be ported in a couple of days. Currently I'm setting redirections from the old articles to the new ones and in few days the site will be completely operative.

I've been publishing in TheAlphasite for 2 years now, better or worst, and now I want to keep doing exactly the same in a new website, but extending the content to reach both languages (and belive me, it takes a lot of time to translate everything). I hope you enjoy the new site, that you have fun, and that it may be of help for some of you.

Don't forget to update your feed readers to the new urls for the new site:

Stackframe en spanish:

Stackframe en english:

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